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“In 1952, when east side fish merchants Pete and Jerry Cusimano threw a real octopus onto the Olympia arena ice, the eight legs represented the eight victories needed to secure a Stanley Cup in those six-team days. Since then, fans throw an octopus onto the ice for good luck. In one game in the 1995 Playoffs, fans threw forty-five onto the ice.[citation needed] Arena Manager and Zamboni driver Al Sobotka ceremoniously scoops them up and whirls them over his head, and play continues. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman forbade Sobotka from doing so during the 2008 playoffs, claiming that debris flew off the octopuses and onto the ice. Sobotka and the Red Wings have denied that this occurs, but even so Sobotka acquiesced and now twirls the octopuses once he departs the ice. In 2011 the NHL forbade fans from throwing any octopuses on the ice, penalizing all violators with a $500 fine.[citation needed] This has led to local outcry at the seemingly intentional destruction of a classic tradition.”


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lol we deserve to go extinct

craig, pls. 

Anonymous said: Why

This is the best ask I’ve received. 

My article about the history of LiveLeak shared a cover with Clooney this week. 

My article about the history of LiveLeak shared a cover with Clooney this week. 

“And then other times I listen to Sigur Ros and nature sounds: like birds, water, and such.”

“Author and historian Cole Stryker told ABC news that this sort of behavior isn’t uncommon with new-era hacking groups, but that the sort of groups interested in making as much noise as Lizard Squad have a way of getting caught.”

Fedora: I just don’t understand these guys who talk about the friend zone. It’s like, if you’re just being nice so you can get laid, you deserve to be called an asshole. *forced hyena laughter* I mean that kind of thinking just doesn’t make any sense to me. 

Girl: *nervous smile*

Fedora: I mean, I could never treat a woman that way. *puts arm around girl, more hyena laughter*

Girl: *apologizes wordlessly to everyone in subway car and contemplates breakup*

Me: *moves away from couple*

Five minutes later I leave the train and hear

Fedora: …and that’s what I think is so special about polyamory.