1. Find the Gril with Most Serious Dimples
2. Woo Gril
3. Acquire Gril
"No, a real smile." 
unbearable whiteness

“If you tweet anything hateful, racist, etc, you’re fined $25 and suspended from Twitter for one day. Upon suspension, an automatic tweet is sent to your followers announcing your suspension, which of course can be retweeted to achieve full shaming effect. If you’re stupid enough to have a second offense, that’s $100 and a one-week suspension from being able to tweet. For the real a-holes who just can’t learn a lesson, a third offense results in a lifetime ban from Twitter, and every possible piece of information — IP address, email, name, etc. is monitored by Twitter to prevent you from signing up again with another name.”


fatmanatee replied to your post: The name that’s being floated seems wr…

maybe lives nearby, commutes to ferguson? I’d really hope anon has done comprehensive checks here

yeah. can’t tell which is legit.

"comprehensive checks" 

“In the UK, the song was quickly appropriated by Liverpool supporters under then-manager Gérard Houllier. Regular chants of ‘Hou led the reds out’ by Liverpool fans were followed soon after by opposition fans’ chants of ‘Hou had a heart attack’ (a reference to Houllier’s illness in October 2001).”

Sophie doing her thing at Stryker family reunion. 

Highlight of the fam reunion.