Anonymous is Getting a Book: Proposal Being Shopped Around to Publishers This Week, Not-Anonymously


Exclusive! Fun times. Also, inner-Anonymous smack talk:

An authoritative book would make the organization and its activism accessible beyond media coverage and, among other things, those other books on the matter, Mr. Housh noted, as he bemoaned the dearth of accurate information on the subject. “A lot of books about Anonymous—Cole Stryker’s being one of them—there were some sentences that were correct, but that’s about about it.”

Pfffffft. This is disappointing. Gregg was a helpful source who seemed encouraged by my desire to set the record straight when I interviewed him for Epic Win. I guess you’re forced into slinging mud when you’re playing catch-up on a story that’s already a year old and big advances are on the line. 

That being said, Epic Win was never intended to be a dazzling exposé of the group, more of an analytical look at its heritage within the context of web community and an attempt to explain the group’s motivations.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what Gregg and Barret can add to the discussion. I knew something like this would be announced before the end of the year (I know of at least two other books in the works), and figured it’d make a nice complement to my research. Oh well.

Meanwhile, I’m already knee deep in a follow-up. Guess I can cross these two off my list for interviews.

  • 20 September 2011
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