“I can’t really feel sorry for Roger since I think it’s abit… fucked for a rabbit to be married with a human, even when they’re cartooned, lol”


In which Youtube Commenters explore the interspecies sexual behavior of Jessica and Roger Rabbit


"Jessica is a toon, she isn’t limited by anatomy, gravity, or balance. She can have stileto heels on and run a marathon without a problem"

"shes 2d, it would be creepy, your dick would go right through her it would be like fucking a hole in a piece of paper"

"jessica is hypnotizing, isn’t she? it’s incredible. I know she’s a cartoon, but still."

"i ussed to get irritated by roger rabbit but now i think i know why jessica feel inlove with him…"

"a woman in India married a snake."

"i’ve always wondered how Roger and Jessica met or what was their 1st date like"

"Lol… her breasts bounce a little- I can see why guys are going GAGA over her XD
damn she’s sexy :3 and I’m a girl.. o_O
lol it’s so funny how they over-react to Jessica playing Paddycake X’D <-can’t spell x_x”

"evr since i wtched this i’ve alwayys wntd 2 hav jessica’s figure lol I’m tall and skinny and hav a pretty damn good figure but hey we all wnt wut we dnt hav..lmao =]"

  • 6 November 2009
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