albert-is said: John Green vlogs are better when they're about science and politics and junk. It's when he gets really involved in the Harry Potter fandom and such that he gets annoying. And I don't mean to insult the Harry Potter fandom. A friend of mine runs a charitable organization that started as, essentially, a Harry Potter fan club that has raised tons of money for marriage equality and undocumented students. The fans are great people, but I'd like them to shut up about what they love.

I’ve mostly come around to John. His rapid-fire rhetorical style is obnoxious and the whole lolrandom nerdfighter self-esteem grouphug is a cancer but some of the more informational content seems innocuous. Still think his brother is a human Invader Zim episode. 

PS: I’m stealing “I’d like you to shut up about what you love.” 

  • 23 January 2013
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